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Outsourcing studio for full-cycle game development. Select the Best Certified Game Developers for Your Project.


About Us

Gaming Box provides unique full-cycle development services, guiding your project through all stages till it is released and supported successfully.

Our specialists can assist you in reducing the time it takes to bring your next gaming to the market. Our specialists use their extensive knowledge and creativity to bring your gaming idea to life, from game creation to post-release support.

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Our Outsourcing Services

Game Design

We create a pre-production analysis and a game concept. Then we implement virtual game scenarios, balance, and GDD.

Game Programming

We create and develop two versions of your game, alpha, and beta. We take care of cross-platform, development, and server architecture.

Art Production

Colors, images, movements, graphics, views, characters, etc., are crucial to the visuals of a game.

Released GAMES

These are some of the games that our company has created and customized.

In Progress

"Enchanted Warrior" is one of our latest games which is still in production. It's planned to be one of the largest online multiplayer games in the market.

  • VR Development
  • Design & Strategy
  • Quests

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